Danfoss operates globally as a leading supplier of Compressors and Automated Control Solutions to the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry. The Danfoss product range is among the most complete in the world. It is used within a number of business areas, such as Household, Commercial, Food Retail and Industrial Refrigeration as well as Air Conditioning, products for the wholesale refrigeration market and automation in various specific industrial sectors. Currently, Dasmal Trading focuses on representing Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Controls products, which includes a comprehensive and highly reputed range of Self-acting Valves, Electronic Valves and Regulators as well as System Protectors and line components for the refrigeration and air conditioning market. Danfoss has a full range of compressors and condensing units. To be more precise, this includes products such as Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors, scroll compressors and their condensing units. It is an ISO 14001 certified company.

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Carel is one of the world leaders in Control Solutions for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating Systems, Humidification for evaporative cooling. Carel products are designed to bring energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of machinery & systems. In Dasmal Trading, we deal with a variety of Carel products like Easy, IR – Series, Mastercella, Ultracella, MPX-PRO, Plant-Viser Pro, Electronic Expansion Valve, Cold Watch, Humidifier, Leak Detector etc.

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Dorin is one of the well-known and globally renowned companies in the Refrigeration Sector. Over 95 yrs, Dorin is there in the Industry to create reliable & high performing products. In Dasmal Trading, we trade with a variety of Dorin products like Semi-hermetic & Open Type Compressors, Air Cooled Condensing Units, Water Cooled Condensing Units.

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Friga-Bohn, a brand by Heatcraft Europe (World Wide Refrigeration), founded in 1918 offers a range of Refrigeration products. This brand has been serving this industry for the past 90 years, providing innovative, efficient and reliable products for Supermarkets, Cold Storage, Grocery Stores, Restaurants and other retail industries. Some of the products include Commercial Evaporators, Industrial Evaporators, Power Packs Condensers, Mono Block and much more. Friga-Bohn products are suitable for fresh new installations or even for replacing older ones. Friga-Bohn products are certified by Eurovent, ISO 9001, PGD & CE.

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HC Heat-Exchangers

HC Heat-Exchangers (HCHE) is a design and manufacturing company, specialising in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment. HC started from the Heating Centre group which was founded in 1973 and subsequently traded under the German based Günter SA banner from 1995 until their withdrawal from South Africa in 2001, after which HC Heat-Exchangers was established from the solid foundation left in place by Günter SA.

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A.S. Controls Pvt. Ltd. Is an Indian Manufacturing Company which was established in 1986, and started out as a small manufacturing unit that developed level controls and valves for ammonia plants.

They have established brand such as Subzero, which has grabbed the attention, and the loyalty of several industry leaders like Blue Star, Kirloskar, Reliance and others.

Initiated targeting the GCC digital controllers market back in 2004, today with the mutual co-operation and support from Dasmal Trading, today we are a truly trusted & renowned brand for electronic control panels for commercial cold rooms, customized heavy duty control panels for ware house cold storages, low cost control panel solutions for super-markets, customized remote monitoring system for super markets, hyper-markets, hotel industry, hospitals, customized cold storage ware houses and lot more. We are also specialized in making control systems for all kinds of power-racks in this region. With an effective market share in middle-east over the past 10 years now, having executed numerous number of projects and for sure Sub-Zero will be a very cost effective solution to your requirements.

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Dry All

Dry All is an Indian Manufacturing company which was established in the year 1990 specializing in the complete range of HVAC-R Line products.

It started with Receiver Driers for Automobile Air-conditioners and was soon supplemented with liquid line Filter Driers for commercial refrigeration and air-conditioners. This was soon followed by Accumulators, Receiver, and Oil Separators etc. The Company has established stringent process control and manufacturing excellence to achieve the confidence of the leading original equipment manufacturers in India and worldwide.

It has various ranges of HVAC-R Line Products such as Liquid Line Filter Dries, Suction Line Filter Driers. Bi-Flow Filter Driers, Suction Line Filters, Core and Core Shell, Accumulators, Receivers, Oil Separators, Co-Axial Heat Exchangers, Sight Glass, Ball Valve, Roto-lock Valve, Snub Adaptors, Customized Products.

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AEROTAPE is the flexible and self-adhesive insulation foam tope which is mode from some elastomeric material as AEROFLEX Closed Cell Insulation. Ideal for wrapping hot or cold pipings and fittings. Energy saving and very easy to use. Excellent for preventing condensation problems. Designed specially for retarding heat loss in hot piping and preventing heat gain or frost formation on cold, chilled water pipings or refrigeration lines. Adheres firmly to all metals. No problem of delamination. AEROTAPE is specially coated with selected acrylic.

Prime National

Prime National Jacketing – regular and painted Aluminum Roll Jacketing recommended for use in Insulated Pipes, Tanks and Vessels less than 8 ft. in diameter and Stainless-Steel Roll Jacketing for a variety of industrial, commercial and transportation uses. Ultrolon®, a highly Corrosion-resistant Aluminum Roll Jacketing. Muffl-Jac, a Sound Barrier Jacketing used with both Fibrous and Closed Cell Insulation materials as a path control form of acoustic treatment.


Kingspan Pal Duct systems have been the pioneer in pre– insulated ducting. Pal was the first company in the world to introduce the innovative and revolutionary rigid pre–insulated ductwork as an alternative to sheet metal ductwork.